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Swift is a single seat mid-wing monoplane of all-composite sfructure using upto-date materials and manufacturing technology.

  • The wing, taking advantage of the successful experience gained with the Polish KOBUZ Ill glider, is tapered with a NACA 64i412 section, without dihedral. The load carrying wing structure is executed as a single/double chamber torque box from the leading edge to 40% of the chord.
  • The torque box is made as a monocoque sfructure of glass-fibre epoxy.
  • The trailing edge elements are of a sandwich sfruclure cemented to the torque box after curing.
  • The airbrakes are placed off of the torque box and are operated by push-pull rods.
  • The ailerons are of the Freize type, mass balanced with the articulation axes at their lower surfaces, and are also operated by push-pull rods.
  • The wing tips are detachable and olher tips, giving a larger span, are available for the non-competition person who prefers to practice more general purpose gliding.
  • The fuselage is a semi-monocoque structure with reinforcing stringers in the cockpit area and sandwich type frames in the rear. In the central area of the fuselage are carrying frames to take the wing loads and the landing gear suppart structure.
  • The tailplane is a monocoque structure with a sandwich sfructure stabilizer.
  • The rudder and elevator are mass and semi-aerodynamically balanced, controlled by cables.
  • The landing gear is refractable, manually operated, with a Tost brake on the main wheel. There is a small fixed wheel on the rear fuselage.
  • The cockpit is ergonomically designed with an upper and lower insirument panel, an optical system for vertical ground observation and an instruction panel to take graphs showing the aerobatic figures to be performed.
  • The upper instrument panel contains the altimeter, the airspeed indicator, the vertical speed indicator and the compass. This panel is opened with the canopy. The lower panel contains the accelerometer and the knobs to open the towline catch and the air intake. There is a radio communicalion system installed in the nose.

Technical Data :

  • Wing Area 11.8 m2
  • Wing Aspect Ratio 14.3
  • Wing Airfoil NACA 641412
  • Tail area 1.65 m2
  • Tail airfoil NACA 631012-63006
  • Vertical Empennage Area 0.9 m2
  • Vertical Empennage Airfoil NACA 632015-63012
  • Weight empty 280 kg
  • Weight. max in flight 390 kg
  • Manouver Speed VA 228 km/h
  • Diving Speed VD 320km/h
  • Max Lift/Drag Ratio at 107 km/h 30.0
  • Min Descent Speed at 104 km/h 0.9 m /s
  • Minimum Speed 73 km/h

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